Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Wonderland figures

13 May

I wanna share something cute today to cheer up the monday blues ~ 🙂


I have completed my collection of Hello Kitty x Tokidoki figures! 🙂

Super cute right?

These Hello Kitty x Tokidoki limited edition collectibles are now exclusively available only at 7-Eleven Singapore from 27 March to 4 June!

My favorite among the 10 figures in the set have to be unicorn kitty, ciao kitty & scooter ride kitty. ^^


Unicorn kitty. Very cute!


Cupid kitty


Sunshine kitty


Cow kitty


Cactus kitty


Ciao kitty


Apple kitty


Mini cactus kitty


Scooter ride kitty


Rocket kitty


Interested to collect them for yourself? Find out more at 7eleven website here. 🙂


Time flies ~

12 May

Almost a year have passed since i last updated this space, time flies and we are almost half year into year 2013! Gonna do a short recap of the past year and i will make it a point to update this space more regularly with bits and pieces of my life 🙂


Short recap of year 2012 & 1st half of year 2013. 🙂

1. I have a more balanced life now, even though it may be hectic & it evolves mainly around family, work, studies &  exercise.

2. I learnt how to prioritize & manage my time more efficiently.

2. I have taken a healthier approach in life, i exercise frequently now, often focusing on running and some light strength training. I can say that with regular exercise, it makes me feel happier & more energetic 😀

3. I started joining running races with my exercise buddy last year. We have just completed Nike She runs yesterday. Shape run’s coming up next in July & i can’t wait for the day to come!

4. I enjoyed my studies so far, despite the endless tutorials, assignments, tests  etc + the most dreadful exams 😛 Looking forward to my graduation day!

5. I have included more activities with my family as well, so that we can spend more time together 🙂


Now i am looking forward for year 2014 to come. It will be the year when we move in to our new house, a house of our own with just the 2 of us! It’s also the year when i will finish my studies – my graduation year 😀

Year 2014 will be a great year, with new beginnings! Let’s gambateh & work towards whatever goals we have in life. 🙂 With determination, nothing is impossible – very true indeed.

Avengers meets Hello Kitty ~

11 Jun

At first when The Avengers movie is out, KFC came out with their collectibles = start of fast food feast once a week. Lol ~

Therefore after 4 weeks of KFC, we got these :

Just when i thought that there will be no more fast food for me, McDonald’s came out with Hello kitty’s plush donning their signature outfit = another 4 weeks of fast food once a week!

After 4 weeks of Mac, we got these :

Now i shall officially ban fast food & it’s time to exercise & burn off these unwanted calories! 😛

Snapsnap ~ Sweet cravings

10 Jun

Today together with hubby & mummy, we satisfied our sweet cravings @ Anderson! 😀

What a sweet Sunday isn’t it? ^^

Snapsnap ~ Anna Sui Loose Powder

5 Jun

Got something for myself for my birthday. Something which i wanted for quite some time & now i got it. 😀

I have always love Anna Sui for their exquisite design & of course their signature rose scent  for all their products. The loose powder case can be used for keeping my accessories in future after using up the powder. ^^ Super like ~ 😀